These tubs come from Baja California. These are a polyethylene tub that sits inside a cedar skirt. We run spinner and adjustable jets as opposed to just straightforward jets. These are all store bought tubs nothing on them is homemade.

They are in the shape of a hexagon and sit ground level. We run automatic chlorinators in them so you don’t have to worry about your chemical solution. All tubs have been health inspected and get cleaned out with a chlorine solution. We also run swimming pool sized furnaces on them so they are quick heating.

These take about a 1-½ hours to heat from fill to finish. We can drop one off on Thursday/Friday and pick up on Monday/Tuesday. Rental fees include your cover, chemicals, cover, propane free delivery and pickup to anywhere in Calgary.


  1. 24 hours = $400.00 (Propane Fired)
  2. Weekend (Friday pick up Monday) = $450.00 (Propane Fired)
  3. Week = $500.00 (Propane Fired)
  4. Outer Diameter: 8 foot 6 inches / 7 foot 8 inches (six sided hexagon tub)
  5. Depth: 46 inches deep

Please call for pricing regarding Christmas and New Years.

Phone or Text Us at: (403) 978-5095
Email: info@splashhottubs.com

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